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Q. Which of the following directly affects the real economy?
1) Statutory Liquidity Ratio (SLR)
2) Reverse Repo Rate
3) Taxation
4) Marginal cost of funds based Lending Rate

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Q. Which of the following should be increased to control inflationary trends in the economy?
I. Repo Rate
II. Cash Reserve Ratio
III. Bank Rate

1) Only I
2) Only II
3) Only I and II
4) I, II and III all

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Q. Who among the following publishes the Economic Survey of India?
1) National Development Council
2) Ministry of Finance
3) Institute Finance
4) Indian Statistical Institute

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Q. In ....... economies, all productive resources are owned and controlled by the government.
1) dual
2) socialist
3) mixed
4) capitalist

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Q. The principal component(s) of Nehru-Mahalanobis strategy of economic development was/ were -
1. Restructuring economic dependency on metropolitan capitalism into independent economic development.
2. Transition from semi-feudal agriculture to capitalist farming.
Select the correct answer using the code given below -

1) 1 only
2) 2 only
3) Both 1 and 2
4) Neither 1 nor 2

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Q. Which of the following agencies releases the index of industrial production to measure industrial performance in India?
1) The National Sample Survey Office (NSSO)
2) The Reserve Bank of India (RBI)
3) The Central Statistics Office (CSO)
4) The Indian Statistical Institute (ISI)

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Q. A country is said to be in a debt trap if -
1) It has to abide by the conditionalities imposed by the International Monetary Fund
2) It has to borrow to make interest payments on outstanding loans
3) It has been refused loans or aid by creditors abroad
4) The World Bank charges a very high rate of interest on outstanding & new loans

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Q. Golden Revolution is related to -
1) Precious minerals
2) Pulses
3) Jute
4) Horticulture

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Q. Gini Coefficient or Gini Ratio can be associated with which one of the following measurements in an economy?
1) Rate of inflation
2) Poverty index
3) Income inequality
4) Personal income

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Q. What do you mean by Demographic Dividend?
1) A rise in the rate of economic growth due to a higher share of working age people in a population
2) A rise in the rate of literacy due to development of educational institution in different parts of the country
3) A rise in the standard of living of the people due to the growth of alternative livelihood practices.
4) A rise in the gross employment ratio of a country due to government policies.

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