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Q. If it is said that students of class VII are not able to read and write, what could be the most important reason for this situation?
1) Less intelligent children
2) Carelessness of parents
3) No detention policy
4) Insensitive implementation of CCE

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Q. Complete the following sentence by using the correct form of the verb. Use the options given below :
I didn't bring my wallet. Since you invited me to lunch I guessed you -

1) might given some money
2) had given some money
3) will have some money on you
4) might have had some money on you

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Q. Complete the following sentences by using the correct form of the verb. Use the options given below -
She was too nervous to speak before such a large audience and -

1) had to be prompted
2) was prompted
3) will be prompted
4) has to be prompted

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Q. Choose the word most nearly OPPOSITE in meaning to the given word : DILATE
1) shrink
2) abduct
3) contract
4) expand

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Q. Improve the ITALIC phrase in the following sentence with the help of given options :
Raju seemed to be living at some remove from reality

1) at certain remove
2) from some remove
3) in a remove
4) at one remove

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Q. Choose the one meaning which best expresses the idiom, Hobson's choice.
1) a choice which is a win-win situation for parties involved in unlike business
2) a situation in which you have no choice because if you don't accept what is given, you get nothing at all
3) a situation in which you have all choice but if you accept the choice you forfeit the right to choice again
4) a choice where your fortunes have already been decided before your exercise the choice

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Q. Improve the Italic phrase in the following sentence with the help of given options :
Applications for this position should be filed by next Saturday latest.

1) next Saturday latest
2) latest next Saturday
3) latest by Saturday next
4) next Saturday at the latest

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Q. Choose the word/ phrase that gives the best meaning of the word Bold in this sentence :
Your findings are original but you haven't familiarized yourself with the nomenclature of the specimens.

1) system of naming things
2) system of classifying things
3) uses of
4) value of

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Q. Choose the description that best captures the meaning of the word INCORRIGIBLE -
1) having bad habits that cannot be changed or improved
2) showing extreme resistance to certain types of food
3) having resilience and tenacity not usually found in others
4) displaying signs of fatigue and infection in the body

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Q. Give antonym of 'prodigious' -
1) Rich
2) Unusual
3) Abnormal
4) Unexceptional

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