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Q. Recently a dedicated project for conservation of Asiatic Lion was launched. Consider the following statements regarding Asiatic Lion -
1. The Asiatic Lion endemic to Gir landscape of Gujarat, is one of the 21 critically endangered species identified by the Ministry for taking up recovery programmes.
2. Asiatic Lion, being listed in Schedule-I of Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972.
3. This project has Species Conservation over a large landscape approach.
Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

1) Only 1 and 3
2) Only 1 and 2
3) Only 2 and 3
4) All 1, 2 and 3

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Q. With reference to Marine Plastic Pollution, consider the following statements -
1. Currently, India is considered the twelfth-largest source of marine litter.
2. It is projected to become the fifth-largest by 2025.
3. The Ganga has been documented as one of the top-five rivers dumping plastics into oceans.
Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

1) Only 1 and 3
2) Only 1 and 2
3) Only 2 and 3
4) 1, 2 and 3

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Q. Which of the following is not a formal International or Regional organization?
4) OIC

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Q. Which of the following is India's 42nd Ramsar site?
1) Tso Kar (Ladakh)
2) Lonar Lake (Maharshtra)
3) Sur Sarovar (Agra)
4) None of the above

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Q. ICGS Vajra was commissioned on -
1) March 24, 2021
2) December 15, 2020
3) November 19, 2020
4) December 25, 2020

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Q. Project Mausam is an initiative of the -
1) Department of Meteorology
2) Indian Space Research Organisation
3) Ministry of Culture
4) Science and Technology

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Q. Which of the following railways has/have been declared as World Heritage Sites by the UNESCO ?
I. Darjeeling Himalayan Railway (DHR).
II. Nilgiri Mountain Railway (NMR).
III. Kalka Shimla Railway (KSR).
IV. Matheran Light Railway (MLR).
V. Kangra Valley Railway (KVR).
Correct code is -

1) Only I, II and III
2) Only I, III and IV
3) Only III, IV and V
4) All I, II, III, IV and V

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Q. GRAM UJALA programme was launched on March 24, 2021 in which city?
1) Gorakhpur
2) Varanasi
3) Lucknow
4) Mirzapur

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Q. Which of the following south Indian stars shared the Best Actor award with Manoj Bajpayee in the 67th National Awards (2019)?
1) Dhanush for Asuran (Tamil)
2) Mahesh Babu for Maharshi (Telagu)
3) Tovino Thomas for Luca (Malyalam)
4) Rudranil Ghosh for Kedara (Bangala)

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Q. World Water Day is celebrated every year on March 22, 2021's theme is aptly titled -
1) 'Valuing water'
2) 'Conserve Water Sources'
3) 'How safe is the world without Clean and wholesome water'
4) 'Harvest water in each House'

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