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Q. Which of the following Bank is 'not' a Public Sector Bank?
1) IDBI Bank
2) State Bank of India
3) Punjab National Bank
4) HDFC Bank

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Q. a tax saving mutual fund.
2) Balanced Fund
3) Debt Funds
4) Oil Fund

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Q. RBI constituted a five member committee to give suggestions on digital payments headed by -
1) Vijay Shekhar Sharma
2) Nandan Nilekani
3) Shakti Kanta Das
4) R. S. Sharma

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Q. The 'Industry 4.0' fuses various technologies such as -
I. Artificial intelligence (AI) & The internet of things (IoT)
II. 5G telephony & Nanotechnology
III. Biotechnology
IV. Robotics and quantum computing and the like.
Correct code is -

1) Only I
2) Only I and II
3) I, II, III and IV
4) Only IV

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Q. As per an announcement of Union Budget 2019-20, country's 22nd AIIMS will be established in the State/ UT of -
1) Haryana
2) Andman & Nicobar Islands
3) Kerala
4) Odisha

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Q. e-Marketplace (GeM) has been created by the Central Government. It has transformed ........ by making it fully transparent, inclusive and efficient.
1) Public procurement
2) Procurement of perishable products
3) Procurement of perishable products
4) Procurement of handicraft products

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Q. Which of the following statements is/ are correct about Annadata Sukhibhava scheme?
1) It is a Direct Benefit Transfer scheme of financial assistance to the farmers in the state of Andhra Pradesh
2) This scheme has been linked with Central Government's PM- KISAN
3) Each and every farmer, including the tenant farmers, will get Rs. 10000 per year in two instalments of f 5000 each
4) All of the above

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Q. An Expert Committee under the chairmanship of V. V. Giri National Labour Institute (VVGNLI) Fellow Anoop Satpathy has proposed doubling the national-level minimum wage for a worker in the country -
1) To Rs. 9,750 a month, up from a floor of Rs. 4,576 at present
2) To Rs. 10,750 a month, up from a floor of Rs. 5,375 at present
3) To Rs. 12,660 a month, up from a floor of Rs. 6,330 at present
4) To Rs. 8,440 a month, up from a floor of Rs. 4,220 at present

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Q. As on January 31, 2019 which State/ Union Territory has fixed highest minimum wages per worker per month in India?
1) Punjab
2) Kerala
3) Delhi
4) Andaman and Nicobar Islands

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Q. Consumers Price Index based inflation rate in December 2018 was -
1) 2.19%
2) 3.51%
3) 4.23%
4) 4.56%

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