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Q. A persistent fall in the general price level of goods and services is known as -
1) Deflation
2) Disinflation
3) Stagflation
4) Depression

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Q. Payment Banks are not allowed to -
1) Open Saving A/c
2) Open Current A/c
3) Advance Loan
4) Access Deposit

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Q. The biggest center of Software and Business Process Outsourcing Industries is established in U.P. in which of the following cities?
1) Meerut
2) Kanpur
3) Varanasi
4) Noida

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Q. Why are the indirect taxes termed regressive taxing mechanism?
1) They are charged at higher rate than direct taxes
2) They are charged the same rates for all income groups
3) They are not charged the same for all income groups
4) None of the above

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Q. If another global financial crisis happens in the near future, which of the following actions/ policies are most likely to give some immunity to India?
1. Not depending on short-term foreign borrowings.
2. Opening up to more foreign banks.
3. Maintaining full capital account convertibility.
Select the correct answer using the code given below -

1) 1 only
2) 1 and 2 only
3) 3 only
4) 1, 2 and 3

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Q. In India, the term "Public Key Infrastructure" is used in the context of -
1) Digital security infrastructure
2) Food security infrastructure
3) Health care and education infrastructure
4) Telecommunication and transportation infrastructure

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Q. "Gold Tranche" (Reserve Tranche) refers to -
1) a loan system of the World Bank
2) one of the operations of a Central Bank
3) a credit system granted by WTO to its members
4) a credit system granted by IMF to its members

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Q. Priority Sector Lending by banks in India constitutes the lending to -
1) Agriculture
2) Micro and small enterprises
3) Weaker sections
4) All of the above

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Q. In the context of Indian economy, Open Market Operations refers to -
1) Borrowing by scheduled banks from the RBI
2) Lending by commercial banks to industry and trade
3) Purchase and sale of government securities by the RBI
4) None of the above

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Q. Disguised unemployment generally means -
1) Large number of people remain unemployed
2) Alternative employment is not available
3) Marginal productivity of labour is zero
4) Productivity of workers is low

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