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GK General Knowledge - Teaching Aptitude Question Answer Quiz

Q. In Educational technology, application of psychology is known as -
1) Software approach
2) Hardware approach
3) Pedagogic approach
4) Systems analysis

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Q. Moral values can be best inculcated amongst students by -
1) arranging lectures of eminent persons
2) co-curricular activities
3) relevant literature
4) teacher as a role model

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Q. Operation Black Board was initiated as a follow up of recommendations of -
1) NPE 1986
3) Kothari Commission (1964- 66)
4) National Curriculum for Elementary and Secondary Education - A Framework 1988

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Q. In the modern era of fast technological advancement, what could be its most serious side effect?
1) Role of teachers would vanish
2) Class-rooms would become smart
3) Learning would become easier
4) Moral values would get eroded

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Q. Teacher should begin a new topic or lesson with -
1) teacher's own experiences
2) some interests already possessed by students
3) an overview of the subject
4) explaining the importance of the subject

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Q. Which measure of central tendency represents a point and not a value?
1) Mean
2) Median
3) Mode
4) Average

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Q. If the students are classified on the basis of intelligence level, the average group will comprise of middle ...........
1) 33.33 per cent
2) 40.00 per cent
3) 50.00 per cent
4) 68.26 per cent

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Q. A good Head of School is one who -
1) understands educational administration and applies its principles in Toto
2) does not compromise with misconduct
3) is flexible in approach and works cooperatively with human touch
4) allows freedom to teachers and students in their affairs

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Q. Best way to monitor progress is -
1) monitoring by superiors
2) self monitoring
3) monitoring by peers
4) societal monitoring

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Q. As per RTE Act 2009, preparation of the school development plan is the responsibility of -
1) School Head Teacher
2) School Management Committee
3) Block Education Officer
4) Cluster Resource Person

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