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GK General Knowledge - Teaching Aptitude Question Answer Quiz

Q. The best evidence for the professional competency of a teacher is seen in his ability in -
1) Maintaining high standards of instruction
2) Providing leadership
3) Organising Co-curricular activities
4) Maintaining strict discipline in the class

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Q. While dealing with a differently abled student, the best thing you would do for the student is -
1) To feel sorry for him
2) To offer him financial help
3) Send him to a special school
4) To help him to become self reliant

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Q. The Twenty first century teacher needs -
1) Ability to teach
2) Commitment to teach
3) Knowledge to teach
4) Skill to teach

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Q. In order to teach a topic you require a teaching aid which is not available in your institution. What would you do?
1) Tell the students about the aid and express your helplessness
2) Satisfy the students with verbal explanation
3) Ask the Headmaster (Principal) to purchase that teaching aid immediately
4) Try hard to procure one from an institution nearby

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Q. Which one of the following do you consider to be the most important function of a good teacher?
1) Prepare the pupils for the examination and enable them to score high marks
2) Make the class interesting to all the pupils
3) Develop in the pupils the motivation and ability to learn by themselves
4) Help the students to understand the subject clearly

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Q. An intelligent student is found to be generally too slow in mastering vocabulary. Which of the following reason given below can be considered as genuine?
1) Carelessness in studies
2) Lack of interest in learning language
3) Learning disability specific to language aquisition
4) Afraid of speaking before the other students

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Q. In residential area, Indian natural ambient air quality standard for sulpher dioxide (S02) is -
1) 20 ug/m3
2) 55 ug/m3
3) 60 ug/m3
4) 80 ug/m3

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Q. Isopleth is a type of -
1) Forest
2) Rock
3) Map
4) Soil

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Q. Calorific value (in MJ/Kg) of Kerosene is -
1) 29
2) 47
3) 17.3
4) 22

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Q. "With words we govern people" who said this?
1) Aristotle
2) John Deweey
3) Disraeli
4) Comenius

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