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Q. When the learning outcomes of students are ensured with employment of less resources and effort on the part of a teacher and more initiative for self-learning is evident, which of the following expression will describe the teacher most appropriately?
1) Teacher is successful
2) Teacher is effective
3) Teacher is intelligent
4) Teacher is practical

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Q. The formulation of a research problem can be compared to -
1) Laying the foundation of a building
2) Building the walls of a home
3) Polishing the doors of a building
4) Constructing the ceiling of a house

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Q. Peer group interaction in a classroom helps in -
1) Concept understanding
2) Realization of One's misunderstanding
3) Rapport Building
4) Questioning

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Q. A hypothesis should be conceptually -
1) convoluted, complex and generic
2) complex, tough and general
3) simple, clear and specific
4) obscure, complicated and simple

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Q. Reflective practice implies use of one's -
1) Cognition
2) Metacognition
3) Metacognition on cognition
4) Reinforcement of learning

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Q. Mailed questionnaire, observation, interview and collective questionnaire are instances of -
1) Secondary sources
2) Personal sources
3) Primary sources
4) Tertiary sources

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Q. During research, while recording observations if an observer rates an individual based on the rating given in another aspect of the interaction, this is termed as the -
1) Evaluation effect
2) Error of central tendency
3) Halo effect
4) Categorical effect

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Q. Inclusive education implies -
1) Ensuring learning outcome of every child to be the same
2) Including the disabled in the main stream
3) Provides compulsory education for children below 14 years
4) Ensuring that no child is left behind in education

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Q. Listening is important for a teacher to -
1) address the requirement of the learner
2) gain knowledge
3) keep the learner in good homour
4) evaluate the learner for the grogress made

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Q. The study of why does stressful living result in heart attack?
Can be classified as -

1) Descriptive research
2) Explanatory research
3) Correlational research
4) Feasibility research

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