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Q. Cross-departmental Committees are the form of -
1) Optimum Communication
2) Upward Communication
3) Downward Communication
4) Lateral Communication

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Q. In the communication process, successful transfer of message can be checked through -
1) Encoding
2) Medium
3) Feedback
4) Passive decoding

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Q. Which of the following is NOT a communication barrier related to noise?
1) Perceptual problems
2) Information overload
3) Dyadic archetypes
4) Cultural differences

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Q. Which of the following is NOT a form of positive listening?
1) Diagnostic listening
2) Reflective listening
3) Empathic listening
4) Judgmental listening

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Q. Which of the following is an example of organisational silence in upward communication?
1) Distortion
2) Delay
3) Filtering
4) Lack of response

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Q. In which type of communication network there is likelihood of emergence of a group leader but lower satisfaction among the member of the group?
1) Wheel type
2) Circle type
3) Chain type
4) Barred type

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Q. Which one of the following is a paralinguistic cue in communication?
1) Facial expression
2) Gesture
3) Tonal pitch
4) Posture

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Q. Which of the following decision makers are tend to be good at discovering creative solutions to the problems?
1) Directive style decision makers
2) Analytic style decision makers
3) Conceptual style decision makers
4) Behavioral style decision makers

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Q. Probability is an attribute of -
1) An inductive argument
2) A deductive argument
3) Disjunctive proposition
4) Categorical proposition

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Q. In a valid standard form of categorical syllogism, if predicate term is distributed in the conclusion, then it must be distributed -
1) in both the premises
2) in minor premises
3) in major premises
4) in none of the premises

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