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Q. In a classroom, the probability of message reception can be enhanced by -
1) Exposing the ignorance of students
2) Increasing the information load
3) Using high decibel audio tools
4) Establishing a viewpoint

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Q. The spatial audio reproduction in a classroom can reduce the students -
1) Respect for the teacher
2) Motivation for excellence
3) Interest in technology - orientation
4) Cognitive load in understanding

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Q. A deductive argument is invalid if -
1) Its premises and conclusion are all false.
2) Its premises are all false but its conclusion is true.
3) Its premises are all true but its conclusion is false.
4) Its premises and conclusion are all true.

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Q. A good communicator begins his/ her presentation with a -
1) Non-sequitur
2) Repetitive phrase
3) Ice-breaker
4) Complex question

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Q. The interaction between a teacher and students creates a zone of proximal -
1) Confusion
2) Development
3) Distortion
4) Difference

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Q. Just as melting ice-cubes do not cause a glass of water to over-flow, melting sea-ice does not increase oceanic volume.
What type of argument is it ?

1) Hypotheticlal
2) Psychologiclal
3) Statistical
4) Analogical

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Q. The classroom communication should essentially be -
1) Empathetic
2) Abstract
3) Non-descriptive
4) Contrived

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Q. Which of the following set of statements best represents the nature and objective of teaching and learning ?
a) Teaching is like selling and learning is like buying.
b) Teaching is a social act while learning is a personal act.
c) Teaching implies learning whereas learning does not imply teaching.
d) Teaching is a kind of delivery of knowledge while learning is like receiving it.
e) Teaching is an interaction and is triadic in nature whereas learning is an active engagement in a subject domain.

1) (b), (c) and (e)
2) (a), (b) and (c)
3) (a), (b) and (d)
4) (a), (d) and (e)

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Q. From the list given below identify the learner characteristics which would facilitate teaching learning system to become effective. Choose the correct code to indicate your answer.
a) Prior experience of learner
b) Learner's family lineage
c) Aptitude of the learner
d) Learner's stage of development
e) Learner's food habits and hobbies
f) Learner's religious affiliation

1) (d), (e) and (f)
2) (a), (d) and (e)
3) (b), (c) and (f)
4) (a), (c) and (d)

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Q. In finalizing a thesis writing format which of the following would form part of supplement pages ?
1) Table of contents
2) Conclusions of the study
3) Bibliography and Appendices
4) List of tables and figures

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