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Q. Which one of the following is not the ethical property of research ?
1) Honesty
2) Instifiabillity
3) Neutrality
4) Subjectivity

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Q. Which one of the following is an indicator of the quality of a research journal ?
1) ISO-2012
2) NAAC Accreditation
3) Impact factor
4) g-index

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Q. A researcher is intended to examine the after effects of earthquake on the emotional problems of individuals. Which type of research is this ?
1) Affective Research
2) Ex-post-facto Resarch
3) Longitudinal Research
4) Action Research

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Q. A researcher administered certain achievement motivation test on a group of 100-students of class X. After scoring of the test he obtained 100-score on the test. The data may be called as :
1) Primary data
2) Secondary data
3) Empirical data
4) (1) and (3) both

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Q. The Evaluation through quizzes and discussions is called as :
1) Summative evaluation
2) Formative evaluation
3) Congnitive evaluation
4) All of the above

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Q. Null Hypothesis is called as :
1) Hypothesis of difference
2) Hypothesis of similarity
3) Hypothesis of no difference
4) None of the above

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Q. Which of the following is not the maxims of teaching ?
1) From simple to complex
2) From emotion to intelligence
3) From concrete to abstract
4) From indefinite to definite

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Q. Action Research is :
1) Applied Research
2) Longitudinal Research
3) The research conducted for solving some recent and socially relevant problems
4) (1) and (3) both

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Q. Objectivity means :
1) Inter-personal agreement
2) Inter-objects agreement
3) Inter-personal disagreement
4) Inter-objects disagreement

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Q. The purpose of higher education is to promote among students the abilities related to :
1) Critical evaluation
2) Creative thinking
3) Interactive skills
4) (1) and (2) both

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