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Q. A group effort of generating alternative ideas that can help a manager solve a problem is called -
1) The Delphi technique
2) Out of the box thinking
3) The nominal group technique
4) Brainstorming

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Q. What are the barriers to effective communication?
1) Moralising, being judgemental and comments of consolation
2) Dialogue, summary and self review
3) Use of simple words, cool reaction and defensive attitude
4) Personal statements, eye contact and simple narration

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Q. A case of complex problems group performance is higher in -
1) Centralized network
2) Restricted network
3) Problem oriented network
4) Decentralized network

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Q. According to communication as interaction perspective, feedback is -
1) never intentional
2) always intentional
3) seldom useful
4) sometimes unintentional

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Q. In which of the following decision-making style low tolerance for ambiguity is found?
1) Analytical style
2) Conceptual style
3) Directive style
4) None of the above

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Q. Which one of the following is not a rule for estimatings the subjective probability of outcomes of any decision?
1) Assessing utility
2) Representatives
3) Availability
4) Adjustment

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Q. The Golden Rule is basic to every system of ethics ever devised and everyone accepts it in some form or other. It is therefore, undeniably sound moral principle.
It involves the fallacy of -

1) Argumentum ad Populum
2) Argumentum ad Verecundiam
3) Argumentum ad Misericordiam
4) Argumentum ad Ignoratiam

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Q. The study of temporal communication is known as -
1) Proxemics
2) Kinesics
3) Paralanguage
4) Chronemics

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Q. The essence of decision-making is -
1) Problem solving
2) Choosing between alternatives
3) Developing alternative course of action
4) Monitoring

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Q. Statement : Should school education be made free in India?
Arguments :
I. Yes, this is the only way to improve the level of literacy.
II. No, it will add to the already heavy burden on the exchequer.
Select the correct answer from the codes given below :

1) Only argument I is strong
2) Only argument II is strong
3) Neither argument I nor II is strong
4) Both argument I and II are strong

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