Reasoning Ability/ IO / Intellegent Test

Q. A man walks down the backside of his house straight 25 meters, then turns to the right and walks 50 meters again; then he turns towards left and again walks 25 meters. If his house faces to the East, what is his direction from the starting point?
1) South-East
2) South-West
3) North-East
4) North-West

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Q. Two Statements are given followed by two Conclusions:
All cats are dogs.
All cats are black.
I. All dogs are black.
II. Some dogs are not black.
Which of the above Conclusions logically follows/ follow from the two given Statements, disregarding commonly known facts?

1) Only Conclusion-I
2) Only Conclusion-II
3) Neither Conclusion-I nor Conclusion-II
4) Both Conclusion-I and Conclusion-II

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Q. A is 16th from the left end in a row of boys and V is 18th from the right end. G is 11th from A towards the right and 3rd from V towards the right end. How many boys are there in the row?
1) 40
2) 41
3) 42
4) Cannot be determined due to insufficient data

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Q. If you have two straight sticks of length 7.5 feet and 3.25 feet, what is the minimum length can you measure?
1) 0.05 foot
2) 0.25 foot
3) 1 foot
4) 3.25 feet

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Q. A simple mathematical operation in each number of the sequence 14, 18, 20, 24, 30, 32, ... results in a sequence with respect to prime numbers. Which one of the following is the next number in the sequence?
1) 34
2) 36
3) 38
4) 40

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Q. One page is torn from a booklet whose pages are numbered in the usual manner starting from the first page as 1. The sum of the numbers on the remaining pages is 195. The torn page contains which of the following numbers?
1) 5, 6
2) 7, 8
3) 9, 10
4) 11, 12

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Q. Let A3BC and DE2F be four-digit numbers where each letter represents a different digit greater than 3. If the sum of the numbers is 15902, then what is the difference between the values of A and D?
1) 1
2) 2
3) 3
4) 4

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Q. A family of two generations consisting of six members P, Q, R, S, T and U has three males and three females. There are two married couples and two unmarried siblings. U is P's daughter an Q is R's mother-in-law. T is an unmarried male and S is a male. Which one of the following is correct?
1) R is U's husband
2) R is S's wife
3) S is unmarried
4) None of the above

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Q. If in a particular year 12th January is a Sunday, then which one of the following is correct?
1) 15th July is a Sunday if the year is a leap year
2) 15th July is a Sunday if the year is not a leap year
3) 12th July is a Sunday if the year is a leap year
4) 12th July is not a Sunday if the year is a leap year

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Q. A shop owner offers the following discount options on an article to a customer -
1. Successive discounts of 10% and 20% and then pay a service tax of 10%.
2. Successive discounts of 20% and 10% and then pay a service tax of 10%.
3. Pay a service tax of 10% first, then successive discounts of 20% and 10%.
Which one of the following is correct?

1) 1 only is the best option for the customer
2) 2 only is the best option for the customer
3) 3 only is the best option for the customer
4) All the options are equally good for the customer

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Career Scope in Print Media

Print media are lightweight, portable, disposable publications printed on paper and circulated as physical copies in forms we call books, newspapers, magazines, and newsletters. They hold informative and entertaining content that is of general or special interest. They are published either once or d →

World Health Organization (WHO)

Founded on: 7 April 1948. Head Quarter: Geneva, Switzerland Director-General: Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus Member Country: 194 WHO began when our Constitution came into force on 7 April 1948 – a date we now celebrate every year as World Health Day. We are now more than 7000 people from more than 1 →

What is Bitcoin?

In 2009, an unknown programmer by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto put forward a whitepaper that proposed a creation of new form of digital currency - cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency functions the same way as regular currencies do in that its used as a means of exchange, unit of account and a store of va →

Medical Council of India (MCI)

Headquarter: New Delhi Function of the Organization: The Medical Council of India was established in 1934 under the Indian Medical Council Act, 1933, now repealed, with the main function of establishing uniform standards of higher qualifications in medicine and recognition of medical qualifications →

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