Reasoning Ability/ IO / Intellegent Test

Q. The missing letter in the letter arrangement
A R E N I J M?

1) V
2) H
3) G
4) F

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Q. In the word 'MATHEMATICS', if M is replace by P, A by D, T by W and so on then in the new arrangement of the letters the letter of the 9th place is -
1) K
2) L
3) F
4) W

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Q. Ram walks 4 km north-west and then 3 km south-west. How far is he from his starting point?
1) 12 km
2) 7 km
3) 6 km
4) 5 km

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Q. The next term in the below mention sequence is

1) PLT
2) PJV
3) PJT
4) PLV

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Q. By changing one letter at a time, in how many minimum steps, the word 'LOCK' can be changed to 'BANK'? Each change should result in a meaningful word.
1) 6
2) 5
3) 4
4) 3

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Q. If looking at a mirror the time in a clock appears to be 30 minutes past 9, then the actual time is -
1) 2 : 30
2) 4 : 30
3) 6 : 30
4) 6 : 10

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Q. 'Food' is related to 'Refrigerator' in the same way as 'Clothes' is related to -
1) Garage
2) Fold
3) Material
4) Closet

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Q. Find the missing term in the letter series.
BGL, DIN, ........., HMR

1) GLQ
2) EJO
3) FKP
4) FPK

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Q. If the number 1 on the clock is replaced by the letter. 'M', the number 2 is replaced by 'N' and so on, then when the time is 21.00 p.m. the hour hand will be at ........ letter.
1) S
2) U
3) V
4) T

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Q. Choose the correct alternative which will complete the series.
ACT, EGG, INK, .....

1) FUN
2) DIP
3) OLD
4) BYE

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