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Q. Computers which offer information are called .......... and those which seek information are called -
1) Servers, clients
2) Clients, servers
3) Applications, complex soft-wares
4) System software, application software

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Q. Email addresses in ............ field are visible to all recipients. Email addresses in .......... field are visible to only the recipient.
1) Cc and Bcc, To
2) To and Bcp, Cc
3) To and Cc, Bcc
4) Bcc, To

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Q. FAQ stands for -
1) Frequently Asked Questions
2) Favourite Asked Questions
3) Favourite and Answered Questions
4) Frequently Answered Questions

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Q. The top most row of keys on the standard keyboard contains .......... keys, and the longest key on the keyboard is -
1) alphabetic, space bar
2) number, enter key
3) function, enter key
4) function, space bar

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Q. Choose the best option : An anti virus program is designed to ........... computer virus.
1) identify and eliminate
2) scan device and identify
3) scan device, identify and eliminate
4) scan device and eliminate

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Q. Speed of internet connection is measured in ............
1) GHz
2) dpi
3) ppm
4) Gbps

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Q. Which of the following is not a type of printer?
1) Inkjet
2) 3-d
3) Landscape
4) Laserjet

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Q. Hitting ....... key and ...... will open a dialogue box for searching a world in pdf file.
1) Alt, S
2) Ctrl, F
3) Ctrl, S
4) Alt, F

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Q. A/ An ......... is a computer program that spreads by inserting copies of itself into other executable code or documents.
1) Operating System
2) Computer Virus
3) Firewall
4) Anti-virus

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Q. Which web browser was the first web browser from the following?
1) Mosaic
2) Opera
3) Safari

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