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Q. The two ways to arrange multiple windows on the desktop are -
1) cascade and tile
2) drag and drop
3) point and click
4) minimize and maximize

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Q. Which of the following is a programming language for creating special programs like applets?
1) Java
2) cable
3) domain name
4) Net

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Q. Which of the following is true about Assembly Language?
1) It is an object oriented programming language
2) It is a high-level programming language
3) It is a low-level programming language
4) It is a language for assembling computers

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Q. ER Diagram in DBMS is a graphical method used to represent -
1) Primary key and candidate key
2) Entity class and their relationships
3) Objects and methods with functions
4) Entity class and relationship to foreign key only

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Q. The set of instructions which tell a computer what to do is called -
1) Matter
2) Instructor
3) Compiler
4) Program

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Q. What is the other name for addictive manufacturing?
1) 3-D printing
2) 2-D printing
3) CPU assembly
4) Memory management

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Q. A(n) ...... is an object embedded in a web page or email, which unobtrusively (usually invisibly) allows checking that a user has accessed the content.
1) email
2) virus
3) web beacon
4) spam

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Q. Which among the following terms is used for unauthorized copying of a software to be used for personal gain instead of personal backup?
1) program thievery
2) data snatching
3) software piracy
4) program looting

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Q. Which of the following is not an in-built software application found in MS Windows?
1) Paint
2) CD Player
3) Disk Defragmenter
4) Volume Control

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Q. What is that computer program called which translates one program instruction at a time into machine language?
1) Compiler
2) CPU
3) ROM
4) Interpreter

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