Longest And Largest

Longest river (India) - Ganges

Longest river (World) - Nile

Longest Railway(World) - Trans-Siberian railway

Longest Railway Station (World) - Grand Central Terminal, Chicago (U.S.A.)

The longest tributary river of India - Yamuna

The longest river of the south India - Godavari

Longest Electric railway line in India - From Delhi to Kolkata via Patna

Longest Road in India - Grand Trunk Road

State with longest coastline in India - Gujarat

Longest railway route in India - Dibrugarh in Assam to Kannyakumari in Tamil Nadu

Longest tunnel in India - Jawahar tunnel (Jammu & Kashmir)

Longest national highway in India - NH-7 which runs from Varanasi to Kanyakumari

Longest Dam in India - Hirakund Dam (Orissa)

Longest River Bride in India - Mahatma Gandhi Setu, Patna

Longest Populated City in India - Mumbai (1.60 crore)

Longest Railway Platform - Gorakhpur (Uttar Pradesh)

Longest river which forms estuary in India - Narmada

State with longest coastline of South India - Andhra Pradesh

Longest Railway Bridge in the World - Huey P. Long Bridge, Louisiana (U.S.A.)

Longest Irrigational Canal - The Kalakumsky Canal

Longest Canal in World - Suez Canal

Longest Beach in India - Marina Beach, Chennai

Longest Tunnel in World (Railway) - Tanna (Japan)

Longest Tunnel in World (Road) - Mont Blanc Tunnel between France and Italy

Longest Wall (World) - Great wall of China

Largest Zoo (World) - Kruger National Park, South Africa

Largest Bird - Ostrich

Largest Archipelago - Indonesia

Largest Church in India - Saint Cathedral (Goa)

Largest Museum in India - National Museum, Kolkata

Largest Delta - Sunderban Delta, W. Bengal

Largest Dome in India - Gol Gumbaz, Bijapur (Karnataka)

Largest Zoo (India) - Zoological Gardens, Alipur, Kolkata

Largest man-made Lake in India - Govind Vallabh Pant Sagar (Rihand Dam)

Largest Desert in India - Thar (Rajasthan)

Largest lake (Fresh water) in India - Wular lake (Kashmir)

Largest Mosque in India - Jama Masjid, Delhi

Largest State (Area) in India - Rajasthan

Largest cave temple in India - Kailash temple, Ellora (Maharashtra)

Largest animal Fair in India - Sonepur (Bihar)

Largest State (Population) in India - Uttar Pradesh

Largest corridor in India - Rameshwaram temple corridor (Tamil Nadu)

Largest cantilever span bride - Howrah Bridge (Kolkata)

Largest forest state in India - M.P.

Largest Stadium in India - Salt lake (Yuva Bharti), Kolkata

Largest Port in India - Mumbai

Largest Gurudwara in India - Golden Temple, Amritsar

Largest river island - Majuli (Brahmaputra river, Assam)

Largest Planetarium in India - Birla Planetarium (Kolkata)

Largest Lake (Saline water) in India - Chilka lake, Orissa

Largest City in Population - Tokyo

Largest Continent - Asia

Largest (Population) Country - China

Largest (Electorate) Country - India

Largest Creature - Blue Whale

Largest Delta - Sunderban (Bangladesh & India)

Largest Desert (World) - Sahara (Africa)

Largest Desert (Asia) - Gobi

Largest Dam (World) - Grand Coulee Dam (U.S.A.)

Largest Diamond in the World - The Cullinan

Largest Dome in the World - Astrodome, in Housten (U.S.A.)

Largest Epic in the World - Mahabharat

Largest Irrigation Scheme in World - Lloyd Barrage, Sukkur (Pakistan)

Largest Island (World) - Greenland

Largest Sea in the World - Mediterranean sea

Largest Lake (Artificial) in the World - Lake Mead (Boulder Dam)

Largest Lake (Fresh water) in the World - Superior

Largest Lake(Salt water) in the World - Caspian

Largest Library in the World - United State Library of Congress, Washington D.C.

Largest Museum in the World - British Museum, London

Largest Ocean - Pacific

Largest Park in the World - Yellow Stone National Park (U.S.A.)

Largest Peninsula in the World - Arabia

Largest River(deepest) in the Worlds - Amazon (S. America)

Largest Sea-bird - Albatross

Largest Radio Telescope - New Mexico (U.S.A.)

Highest City in the World - Van Chuan (China)

Tallest Statue - Statue of Motherland, Volgagrad (Russia)

Highest Volcano in the World - Ojos del Salado (Andes, Ecuador)

Highest Waterfall in the World - Angel (Venezuela)

Highest Lake in the World - Titicaca (Bolivia)

Highest Dam (World) - Hoover Dam (U.S.A.)

Highest Capital in the World - La Paz (Boliva)

Highest Tower (India) - Pitampura Tower, Delhi

Highest Waterfall in India - Gersoppa waterfall (Karnataka)

Highest mountain peak in India - Godwin Austin (K2)

Highest Dam in India - Tehri Dam on Bhagirathi River

Highest Gateway in India - Buland Darwaza, Fatehpur Sikri (Agra)

Highest straight gravity Dam - Bhakra Dam

Highest Lake in India - Devatal (Garhwal)

Highest Award in India - Bharat Ratna

Highest Gallantry Award in India - Paramveer Chakra

Highest Battle field in India - Siachin Glacier

Highest   Airport in India - Leh (Laddakh)

Tallest Animal in the World - Giraffe

Fastest Bird in the World - Peregrine Falcon

Smallest Bird in the World - Humming Bird

Tallest Building in the World - Burj, Dubai (UAE)

Biggest City(Area) in the World - Mount Isa Australia

Costliest City in the World - Tokyo

Smallest Continent - Australia

Biggest Country(Area) in the World - Russia

Deepest Lake in the World - Baikal (Siberia)

Highest Mountain Peak in the World - Mount Everest (Nepal)

Longest Mountain Range in the World - Andes (S. America)

Biggest Palace in the World - Vatican (Italy)

Coldest Place(Habitated) in the World - Verkhoyank (Siberia)

Driest Place in the World - Iqique (In Atacama Desert, Chile)

Hottest Place in the World - Azizia (Libya, Africa)

Biggest Planet - Jupiter

Brightest Planet - Venus

Highest Plateau in the World - Pamir (Tibet)

Smallest Planet - Mercury

Rainiest Place in the World - Mausinram (Meghalaya, India)

Brightest Star - Sirius

World’s first Tramway - New York

Most Active Volcano in the World - Maunaloa (Hawail-U.S.A.)

Lowest body Water in the World - Dead Sea

Densest populated State in India - West Bengal

Biggest Hotel in India - Oberal - Sharaton (Mumbai)

Smallest State (Area) in India - Goa

Smallest State (Population) in India - Sikkim

Deepest river valley in India - Bhagirathi & Alaknanda

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