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Q. In 1944, the Battle of Kanglatongei was fought near which present day Indian state capital?
1) Guwahati
2) Itanagar
3) Imphal
4) Kohima

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Q. Besides Nathuram Godse, who else was hanged at Ambala Jail on November 15, 1949, for having assassinated Gandhiji?
1) Vishnu Karkare
2) Digmabar Badge
3) Shankar Kistayya
4) Narayan Apte

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Q. Which river did the soldiers of Alexander refuse to cross during his Indian campaign, which caused the Greeks to withdraw?
1) Sutlej
2) Chenab
3) Beas
4) Jhelum

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Q. Whose Persian translation of several Upanishads is known as the Sirr-e-Akbar?
1) Abul Fazal
2) Shah Wallulah Dehlvi
3) Dara Shikoh
4) Ahmad al-Sirhindi

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Q. Which of these Mughal structures was known by the name Rauza-i-Munawwara?
1) Chini Ka Rauza
2) Taj Mahal
3) Humayun’s Tomb
4) Shalimar Bagh

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Q. The Indus site which is not situated in Kutch region -
1) Dholavira
2) Lothal
3) Desalpur
4) Surkotada

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Q. Who among the following is a Saint of Sagun tradition?
1) Dadudayal
2) Sundardas
3) Shankardev
4) Nanak

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Q. The most important source to understand the Municipal Administrative System of the city of Patliputra during Mauryan period is -
1) Mudrarakshasa
2) Indica
3) Ashokan Inscriptions
4) Arthashastra

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Q. The first Inscription evidence of Sati tradition is found in -
1) Pryaga Prashasti
2) Udaigiri Inscription
3) Devpara Inscription
4) Eran Inscription

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Q. The Army Commanders, who were also the feudal heads in the Vijaynagar Empire, were known as -
1) Bodigai
2) Amar Nayak
3) Mantrin
4) Pradhan

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