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Q. Istanbul was formerly known as -
1) Constantinople
2) Azarbyzan
3) Mesopotemia
4) Bursa

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Q. The introduction of economic and political reform policies of Perestroika is associated with which of the following political leader?
1) Vladimir Putin
2) Nikita Khrushchev
3) Mikhail Gorbachev
4) Boris Yeltsin

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Q. Who moved the Objectives Resolution which stated the aims of the Constituent Assembly?
1) Jawaharlal Nehru
2) B. R. Ambedkar
3) Rajendra Prasad
4) B. N. Rao

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Q. One of the following is true about the Harappan script -
1) It is a pictographic script
2) It is comparable to the Roman script
3) It is written from left to right like the Devanagari
4) It is an alphabetic script

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Q. The ruler of which State of Chhattisgarh region belonged to Raksel Dynasty?
1) Saranggarh
2) Sarguja
3) Bastar
4) Kawadha

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Q. The main hero of Raipur conspiracy case was -
1) Kunjbihari Choubey
2) Dashrath Lal Choubey
3) Raghunandan Singrole
4) Parasram Soni

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Q. In which of the following Session of the Central Provinces and Berar Provincial Political Association the rift between moderates and extremists was visible for the first time?
1) Raipur Session of 1907
2) Jabalpur Session of 1909
3) Sagar Session of 1911
4) Nagpur Session of 1915

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Q. Which of the following system was introduced by the British in Chhattisgarh after its annexation in British empire?
1) Malguzari system
2) Tahutdari system
3) Taluqdari system
4) Tahsildari system

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Q. During World War II, the Battles of Kohima and Imphal were fought in the year ..........
1) 1945
2) 1943
3) 1942
4) 1944

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Q. In the year ........, the Maratha Empire ceased to exist with the surrender of the Marathas to the British, ending the Third Anglo-Maratha War.
1) 1792
2) 1811
3) 1818
4) 1806

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