Highest Individual Scores In One Day International Cricket

Score Name of the Batsman
264 Rohit Sharma, India vs Srilanka, Eden Garden, November 2014.
237 Martin Guptill, New Zealand vs West Indies, Wellington, March 2015
219 Virender Sehwag, India vs West Indies, Indore, December 2011.
215 Chris Gayle, West Indies vs Zimbabwe, Canberra, February 2015
209 Rohit Sharma, India vs Australia, Bangalore, November 2013.
208* Rohit Sharma, India vs Sri Lanka, Mohali, December 2017.
208 Shubman Gill, India vs New Zealand, Hyderabad, November 2023.
200 * Sachin Tendulkar, India vs South Africa, Gwalior, February 2010.
194* Charles Coventry, Zimbabwe vs Bangladesh, Bulawayo, August 2009
194 Saheed Anwar, Pakistan vs India, Chennai, May 1997
189* Viv Richards, West Indies vs England, Manchester, May 1984
189 Sanath Jayasuriya, Sri Lanka vs India, Sharja, October 2000
188* Gary Kirsten, South Africa vs UAE, Rawalpindi, February 1996
186* Sachin Tendulkar, India vs New Zealand, Hyderabad, November 1999
183* Mahendra Singh Dhoni, India vs Sri Lanka, Jaipur, October 2005
183 Virat Kohli, India vs Pakistan, Dhaka, March 2012
183 Sourav Ganguly, India vs Sri Lanka, Taunton, May 1999
181* Mathew Hayden, Australia vs New Zealand, Hamilton, February 2007
181 Viv Richards, West Indies vs Sri Lanka, Karachi, October 1987.

* Not Out

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