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Q. The Chairman of the State Public Service Commission is appointed by -
1) the Chairman of the Union Public Service Commission
2) the President of India
3) the Governor of the State
4) the Chief Minister

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Q. Who was the first Chairman of the Backward Classes Commission ?
1) Jagjivan Ram
2) Kaka Sahab Kalelkar
3) B. D. Sharma
4) B. R. Ambedkar

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Q. A Judge of the Supreme Court may resign his office by writing to -
1) the President
2) the Prime Minister
3) the Law Minister
4) the Attorney General of India

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Q. Among the States of India, Bihar's rank in terms of lowest literacy rate (2011 Census) is -
1) first
2) second
3) third
4) fourth

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Q. Most of the area in Bihar is covered by -
1) mountainous soil
2) alluvial soil
3) regur soil
4) terai soil

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Q. Bihar as an Indian State was formed in -
1) 1911
2) 1912
3) 1936
4) 2000

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Q. Which one among the following States of India is called 'Sugar Bowl' ?
1) Uttar Pradesh
2) Maharashtra
3) Bihar
4) Haryana

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Q. After Independence, in which year were the Indian States reorganized on the linguistic basis ?
1) 1947
2) 1951
3) 1956
4) 2000

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Q. In Government of India's NITI Aayog, which is an economic policy-making think tank, what is the full form of NITI ?
1) National Internal Trade Information
2) National Institution for Transforming India
3) National Integrated Treaty Institute
4) National Intellectual Training Institute

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Q. As per 2011 Census, the urban population percentage to total population of India was about -
1) 21
2) 31
3) 36
4) 40

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