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Q. Which of the following types of banks have been established in India under differentiated bank-ing?
I. Regional Rural Banks
II. Universal Banks
III. Small Finance Banks
IV. Private Banks
V. Payments Bank
Correct code is -

1) Only I, III and V
2) Only II and IV
3) Only II
4) All I, II, III, IV and V

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Q. The excess of total expenditure of Government over its total receipts, excluding borrowings, is known as -
1) Primary deficit
2) Fiscal deficit
3) Current deficit
4) Capital deficit

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Q. The situation where the equilibrium level of real GDP falls short of potential GDP is known as -
1) Recessionary gap
2) Inflationary gap
3) Demand-side inflation
4) Supply-side inflation

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Q. Which one of the following is not a function of money?
1) Acts as an intermediate in the exchange process
2) Acts as a store of value
3) Used as the unit of account
4) Used for regulating consumption

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Q. The percentage by which the money the borrower pays back exceeds the money that was borrowed is called as -
1) Bank rate
2) Nominal interest Rate
3) Real interest rate
4) Terms of credit

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Q. The asset or assets that a borrower pledges in order to guarantee repayment of a loan is called as -
1) Cheque
2) Collateral
3) Guarantee card
4) Bond

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Q. The increase in private investment spending induced by the increase in Government spending is known as -
1) Crowding in
2) Deficit financing
3) Crowding out
4) Pumping out

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Q. The situation in an economy which is growing slowly along with rapid inflation (rising price level) is called -
1) Stagnation
2) Deflation
3) Stagflation
4) Recession

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Q. The mismatch in the regional or occupational pattern of job vacancies and the pattern of worker availability results in -
1) Structural unemployment
2) Disguised unemployment
3) Altered unemployment
4) Cyclical unemployment

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Q. Which one of the following statements is not correct?
1) Real GDP is calculated by valuing outputs of different years at common prices
2) Potential GDP is the real GDP that the economy would produce if its resources were fully employed
3) Nominal GDP is calculated by valuing outputs of different years at constant prices
4) Real GDP per capita is the ratio of real GDP divided by population

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