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Q. Which of the following financial markets facilitates issue of new securities ?
1) Secondary Market
2) Spot Market
3) Derivative Market
4) Primary Market

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Q. Those entities whose failure can threaten the survival of other institutions which in turn can possibly lead to a financial crisis are known as -
1) Systemically Meaningful Financial Institutions
2) Systemically Financial Important Institutions
3) Systemically volatile Financial Institutions
4) Systemically Capricious Financial Institutions

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Q. _______ is a tax saving mutual fund.
2) Balanced Fund
3) Debt Funds
4) Oil Fund

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Q. As per the guidelines issued by the Reserve of India Banks classify as Non-Performing Asset (NPA) only if the interest due and during any quarter is not serviced full within -
1) 90 days from the end of the quarter
2) 60 days from the end of the quarter
3) 60 days from the beginning of the quarter
4) 30 days from the end of the quarter

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Q. As per RBI guidelines the maximum amount of penalty that Public Sector Banks can levy for non maintenance of minimum balance in inoperative accounts of customers is -
1) 500 per year
2) 100 per half year
3) Not to levy any penalty
4) 1100 per quarter

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Q. Which of the following Bank is 'not' a Public Sector Bank?
1) IDBI Bank
2) State Bank of India
3) Punjab and Sind Bank
4) HDFC Bank

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Q. Investors buy and sell shares in publicly leaded companies in -
1) Money Market
2) Forex Market
3) Stock Market
4) Spot Market

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Q. State Bank of India was previously known as -
1) Canara Bank
2) Imperial Bank of India
3) Syndicate Bank
4) Cooperative Bank of India

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Q. Which industry is primary user of Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) ?
1) Banks
2) Footwear designing
3) Book Publishing
4) None of these

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Q. Which of Ihe following substances is found in garlic?
1) Allicin
2) Resarpine
3) Nicotine
4) Azadiractin

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