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Q. Which one of the following types of bureaucracy exhibits a bias to wards party interests?
1) Guardian bureaukcracy
2) Caste bureaucracy
3) Patronage bureaucracy
4) Merit bureaucracy

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Q. In a single transferable vote system, each voter is required to -
1) Indicate one preference more than the seats to be filled up
2) Indicate one preference less than the total seats to be filled up
3) Indicate as many preferences as there are candidates to be elected
4) Indicate only a single preference

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Q. A horizontal grouping of specialized activities is attained in an organization that is -
1) Centralized
2) Integrated
3) Decentralized
4) Disintegrated

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Q. Which one of the following was not supported by Taylor in his Scientific Management theory?
1) Efficiency evaluation experts
2) Concept of 'Economic Man'
3) Functional foremanship
4) Standardization of tools

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Q. Chester Barnard developed a concept in respect of acceptance of authority by a subordinate from his manager. Identify it.
1) Motivation matrix
2) Decision making authority
3) Zone of indifference
4) Zone of coercive authority

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Q. Which one of the following is not included as a cause for disciplinary action against public servants by L.D. White?
1) Inefficiency
2) Long absence from duty
3) Immorality
4) Intoxication

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Q. Three married couples are to be seated in a row having six seats in a Cinema Hall. Find the number of ways of their seating if all the ladies sit together.
1) 36
2) 72
3) 144
4) None of these

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Q. Which one of the following reflects the most appropriate relationship between law and liberty ?
1) If there are more laws, there is less liberty
2) If there are no laws, there is no liberty
3) If there is liberty, laws have to be made by the people
4) If laws are changed too often, liberty is in danger

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Q. Which of the following are regarded as the main features of the 'Rule of Law' ?
1. Limitation of powers 2. Equality before law
3. People's responsibility to the Government 4. Liberty and civil rights.
Select the correct answer using the code given below :

1) 1 and 3 only
2) 2 and 4 only
3) 1, 2 and 4 only
4) 1, 2, 3 and 4

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Q. A particle having at least one dimension less than 10-7 metre. is known as -
1) Nano particle
2) Micro particle
3) Macro particle
4) Milli particle

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