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Q. Which one of the following organs will not feel any pain on being pricked by a needle?
1) Skin
2) Brain
3) Heart
4) Eye

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Q. Polio is caused by -
1) Bacteria
2) Virus
3) Fungus
4) Protozoa

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Q. Golden rice is a rich source of -
1) Vitamin A
2) Vitamin B
3) Vitamin K
4) Vitamin C

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Q. Which one of the following is a plant hormone ?
1) Insulin
2) Thyroxin
3) Cytokinin
4) Estrogen

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Q. The step that produces largest number of ATP molecules in our system is -
1) Glycolysis
2) Krebs cycle
3) Terminal respiratory chain
4) Hydrolysis

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Q. Liver fluke lives in the bile duct of -
1) horse
2) cow
3) man
4) sheep

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Q. The class of food having highest caloric value per unit weight is -
1) vitamin
2) fat
3) carbohydrate
4) protein

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Q. Which of the following is not biodegradable ?
1) Domestic sewage
2) Lab detergents
3) Plant leaves
4) Soap

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Q. Which of the following foods provides the nutrient for the growth of new tissues in the human body ?
1) Fruits
2) Vegetables
3) Cheese
4) Sweets

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Q. Of the following diseases, which one is caused by insect bite?
1) Dengue
2) Scurvy
3) Pneumonia
4) Asthma

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