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Q. The best malleable metal is -
1) Aluminum
2) Silver
3) Gold
4) Lead

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Q. The early attempt to classify elements as metals and non-metals was made by -
1) Mendeleev
2) Lother Meyer
3) Lavoisier
4) Henry Moseley

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Q. The magnet is strongest near the -
1) Poles of the magnet
2) Ends of the magnet
3) Centre of the magnet
4) On equator point from the poles of the magnet

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Q. Which is the device used to detect and measure small electric current in a circuit?
1) Tansformer
2) Galvanometer
3) Thermometer
4) Electromagnetic Induction

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Q. The lowest temperature at which an oil gives sufficient vapours to form an explosive mixture with air is known as -
1) Flash Point
2) Smoke Point
3) Explosive Point
4) Acidic Flux

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Q. The value of G in the formula for gravitational force depends on -
1) Mass of the earth only
2) The radius of earth only
3) Both mass and radius of earth
4) Neither mass nor the radius of earth

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Q. When a hanging carpet is beaten with a stick, the dust particles in it start coming out of it. This phenomenon can be explained by making use of -
1) Newton's first law of motion
2) Newton's second law of motion
3) Newton's third law of motion
4) Newton's law of gravitation

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Q. The numerical ratio of displacement to distance for a moving object is -
1) Always Less than 1
2) Equal to 1 or more than 1
3) Always more than 1
4) Equal to 1 or less than 1

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Q. Who was the first scientist of the world to use the symbols to represent elements in a shortway?
1) Dalton
2) Jons Jakob Berzelious
3) Neils Bohr
4) Dmitri Mendeleev

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Q. Which of the following is/ are physical changes?
I. Melting of iron rod
II. Rusting of iron metal
III. Bending of an iron rod
IV. Drawing a wire of iron metal
Correct code is -

1) Only I, II and III
2) Only I, II and IV
3) Only I, III and IV
4) Only II, III and IV

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