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Q. Heat is transmitted from higher temperature to lower temperature through the actual motion of the molecules in -
1) Conduction
2) Convection
3) Radiation
4) Both conduction and convection

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Q. Energy travels from Sun to Earch through
1) conduction
2) convection
3) radiation
4) modulation

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Q. Photovoltaic cell is related to -
1) Geo Thermal Energy
2) Wind Energy
3) Nuclear Energy
4) Solar Energy

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Q. When beams of red, blue and green lights fell on the same spot, the colour of the light becomes -
1) white
2) violet
3) red
4) yellow

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Q. How many units of electricity will be consumed if you use a 60 watt electric bulb for 5 hours everyday for 30 days ?
1) 12
2) 9
3) 6
4) 3

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Q. The radioactive isotope used to control leukemia is -
1) Phosphorus 32
2) Cobalt 60
3) Iodine 131
4) Sodium 24

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Q. Nucleus of helium contains -
1) only one proton
2) two proton
3) two proton and two neutrons
4) one proton and two neutrons

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Q. The unit of electrical resistance of a conductor is -
1) farad
2) volt
3) ampere
4) ohm

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Q. The 'parsec' is the unit of -
1) Distance
2) Time
3) Energy
4) Temperature

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Q. To which theory of conservation is related the 'first' law of thermodynamics?
1) Charge
2) Momentum
3) Energy
4) Matter

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