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Q. A 100 W electric bulb is used for 10 hours a day. How many units of energy are consumed in 30 days?
1) 1
2) 10
3) 30
4) 300

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Q. An echo is heard after 5 seconds of the production of sound which moves with a speed of 340 m/s. What is the distance of the mountain from the source of sound which produced the echo?
1) 0.085 km
2) 0.85 km
3) 0.17 km
4) 1.7 km

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Q. A car undergoes a uniform circular motion. The acceleration of the car is -
1) zero
2) a non-zero constant
3) a non-zero but not a constant
4) None of the above

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Q. The rate of evaporation of liquid does not depend upon -
1) temperature
2) its surface area exposed to the atmosphere
3) its mass
4) humidity

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Q. Bose-Einstein Condensate is -
1) solid state of matter
2) fifth state of matter
3) plasma
4) state of condensed matter

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Q. The frequency (in Hz) of a note that is one octave higher than 500 Hz is -
1) 375
2) 750
3) 1000
4) 2000

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Q. If the speed of a moving magnet inside a coil increases the electric current in the coil -
1) increases
2) decreases
3) reverses
4) remains the same

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Q. If an object is at rest, then the time (X-axis) versus distance (Y-axis) graph -
1) is vertical
2) is horizontal
3) has 450 positive slope
4) has 450 negative slope

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Q. Rate of evaporation increases with -
1) an increase of surface area
2) an increase in humidity
3) a decrease in wind speed
4) a decrease of temperature

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Q. Magnification is -
1) actual size of specimen/ observed size
2) observed size of specimen/ actual size
3) actual size of specimen - observed size
4) actual size of specimen - observed size

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