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Business And Economics Question Answer 2023, Business And Economics Quiz Questions 2023

Q. Which one of the following best describes BRICS?
1) A group of five nuclear powers
2) A group of five industrialized nations
3) A group of five major emerging economies
4) A group of five potentially strong UN Security Council members from the Countries of the Global South

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Q. Which one of the following items is not covered under GST?
1) Cosmetics
2) Medical grade oxygen
3) Jewellery
4) Petrol

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Q. Which one of the following terms denotes the inputs in terms of tools, machines, buildings, raw materials, and money in hand required at any stage of production?
1) Fixed capital
2) Working capital
3) Physical capital
4) Human capital

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Q. Who among the following, first mooted the idea of deficit financing?
1) Adam Smith
2) Alfred Marshall
3) John Maynard Keynes
4) Milton Friedman

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Q. The provisions of priority sector lending do not apply to -
1) Regional Rural Bank (RRB)
2) Small Finance Bank (SFB)
3) Payments Bank (PB)
4) Primary (Urban) Cooperative Bank (UCB) other than Salary Earners' Bank

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Q. Government of which country has proposed the 'burp and fart' tax?
1) Denmark
2) Russia
3) New Zealand
4) Australia

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Q. The big decline in the exchange rate of the Indian Rupee against the US Dollar is helping -
1) Indian investors who have invested abroad
2) Indian exporters
3) Indian lenders to residents of foreign countries
4) All of the above

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Q. The central bank of a developing country like India allows the domestic currency to devaluate
I. Boost exports
II. Shrink trade deficits
III. Reduce Sovereign debt burdens
The correct code is -

1) Only I
2) Only I and II
3) Only II
4) All I, II and III

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Q. Which of the following results in an expansionary fiscal policy?
I. Reduction in tax rates.
II. Increase in transfer payments.
III. Higher public expenditure on projects such as infrastructure development.
The correct code is -

1) Only I
2) Only I and III
3) Only II and III
4) All I, II, and III

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Q. The value of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of India is published by PIB in -
1) US Dollar
2) Yen
3) Yuan
4) Indian Rupee

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