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Q. The planet Saturn’s atmosphere primarily consists of which gas?
1) Helium
2) Methane
3) Hydrogen
4) Ammonium

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Q. Which among the following Tiger project are situated in Madhya Pradesh?
1) Ranthambhore Tiger Project
2) Pench Tiger Project
3) Manas Tiger Project
4) Buxa Tiger Project

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Q. SAVANNA BIOME located in the both side of equator is -
1) 10° to 20° latitudes
2) 20° to 30° latitudes
3) 5° to 10° latitudes
4) 0° to 10° latitudes

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Q. Biodiversity hotspots found in India is -
1) Western Ghat
2) North-East-India
3) Himalaya
4) All of these

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Q. The water dispute between Chhattisgarh and Odisha is related to which river?
1) Mahanadi
2) Godavari
3) Subarnarekha
4) Baitarani

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Q. Which among the following dates would be the shortest day in Australia?
1) 21 June
2) 23 September
3) 22 December
4) 21 March

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Q. Which of the following types of forest cover the largest area in India?
1) Tropical moist deciduous forests
2) Tropical dry deciduous forests
3) Tropical wet semi-evergreen forests
4) Tropical dry evergreen forests

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Q. In which group of the following, the location of steel plants from East to West is correct?
1) Jamshedpur-Rourkela-Durgapur-Bhilai
2) Bhilai-Rourkela-Durgapur-Jamshedpur
3) Durgapur-Jamshedpur-Rourkela-Bhilai
4) Durgapur-Rourkela-Bhilai-Jamshedpur

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Q. Because of the construction of which canal of the following, shipping distance between London and Mumbai declined drastically after 1869?
1) Kiel canal
2) Panama canal
3) Grand canal
4) Suez canal

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Q. Bushman's are generally found in?
1) Kalahari desert
2) Australian desert
3) Thar desert
4) Central Asian desert

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