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Q. The most biodiversity rich area in India is -
1) Gangetic plain
2) Trans Himalayas
3) Western Ghats
4) Central India

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Q. Moribund Delta is a subdivision of which of the following Delta?
1) Krishna-Godawari Delta
2) Mahanadi Delta
3) Bengal Delta
4) Cauvery Delta

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Q. In which of the following rivers, the upper course contains fresh water but saline water flowing at the lower part?
1) Barak river
2) Luni river
3) Ghaggar river
4) None of the above

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Q. The winter rains caused by Western disturbance in North Western Plain of India gradually decreases from -
1) East to West
2) West to East
3) North to South
4) South to North

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Q. Which one of the following peaks is not located in India?
1) Gurla Mandhata
2) Namcha Barwa
3) Kamet
4) Nanga Parbat

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Q. Which one of the following cities is not located on the Trans-Siberian rail route?
1) Kazan
2) Omsk
3) Sochi
4) Chita

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Q. Telegraphic Plateau is a part of -
1) North Atlantic Ridge
2) South Atlantic Ridge
3) Indian Ocean Ridge
4) None of the above

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Q. In the Suez canal region, the correct order of lakes lying from North to South direction is -
1) Lake Timsah - Little Bitter Lake - Great Bitter Lake - Lake Manzala
2) Great Bitter Lake - Little Bitter Lake - Lake Timsah - Lake Manzala
3) Lake Manzala - Great Bitter Lake - Little Bitter Lake - Lake Timsah
4) Lake Manzala - Lake Timsah - Great Bitter Lake - Little Bitter Lake

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Q. Which of the following national parks of India generally has only tropical climate?
1) Indravati National Park
2) Namdhapa National Park
3) Hemis National Park
4) Pin Valley National Park

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Q. Tertiary coal is found in the state of -
1) Kerala
2) Jammu & Kashmir
3) Bihar
4) Uttar Pradesh

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