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Q. What is the main function of Directorate?
1) Policy making
2) Decision making
3) Policy implementation
4) Data collection

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Q. What is the main function of District Administration?
1) Policy making
2) Decision making
3) To implement the policy of State Govt.
4) To instruct the Subordinates

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Q. What is correct about the role and Office of the Chief Secretary in the State Administration?
1. He is Cabinet Secretary
2. He is Chief Advisor of Chief Minister
3. He is Head of the all Secretaries
4. He is Head of all Civil Servants

1) 1
2) 1, 2
3) 1, 2, 3
4) 1, 2, 3, 4

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Q. What is correct about incorporation of Panchayat?
1. Zilla Panchayat shall be a Corporate body.
2. Gram Panchayat shall not be a Corporate body.
3. There shall be a perpetual succession of Zilla Panchayat.
4. There shall not be a perpetual succession of Janpad Panchayat.
5. There shall be a common seal of Zilla Panchayat.
6. There shall not be a common seal of Gram Panchayat.

1) 1, 3, 5
2) 2, 4, 6
3) 3, 5, 6
4) 4, 5, 6

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Q. Which article of the Constitution of India provides that each Indian state will have a governor?
1) Article 152
2) Article 153
3) Article 151
4) Article 154

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Q. Which of the following is called the 'popular chamber'?
1) State Assembly
2) Rajya Sabha
3) Lok Sabha
4) Gram Sabha

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Q. Under which one of the following Articles of the Constitution of India, a statement of estimated receipts and expenditure of the Government of India has to be laid before the Parliament in respect of every financial year?
1) Article 110
2) Article 111
3) Article 112
4) Article 113

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Q. Which one of the following departments is not under the Ministry of Home Affairs?
1) Department of Official Languages
2) Department of Border Management
3) Department of Jammu & Kashmir Affairs
4) Department of Legal Affairs

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Q. Which one of the following conditions laid down in the Constitution of India for the issue of a writ of Quo-Warranto is not correct?
1) The office must be public and it must be created by a Statute
2) The office must be a substantive one
3) There has been a contravention of the Constitution or a Statute in appointing such person to that office
4) The appointment is in tune with a statutory provision

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Q. Which one of the following is not enumerated in the Constitution of India as a fundamental duty of citizens of India?
1) To safeguard public property
2) To protect and improve the natural environment
3) To develop the scientific temper and spirit of inquiry
4) To promote international peace and security

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