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GK General Knowledge - Marketing And Business Aptitude Question Answer Quiz

Q. The Bank of Nova Scotia operating as Scotiabank is headquartered in -
1) Toronto, Canada
2) Stockholm, Sweden
3) Geneva, Switzerland
4) Glasgow, Scotland

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Q. SMERA Limited, a popular body in the financial world, is a full service -
1) Asset Financing Company
2) Asset Management Company
3) Credit Information Bureau
4) Credit Rating Agency

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Q. Indian multinational steel making company Tata Steel Limited is headquartered in -
1) Mumbai, Maharashtra
2) Kolkata, West Bengal
3) Bhubaneshwar, Odisha
4) Ranchi, Jharkhand

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Q. Under increasing returns the supply curve is -
1) positively slopped from left to right
2) negatively slopped from left to right
3) parallel to the quantity axis
4) parallel to the price-axis

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Q. A market situation when many firms sell similar but not identical products is termed as -
1) Perfect competition
2) Imperfect competition
3) Monopolistic competition
4) Oligopoly

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Q. According to John Maynard Keynes, employment depends upon -
1) aggregate demand
2) aggregate supply
3) effective demand
4) rate of interest

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Q. Which one of the following is not an assumption in the law of demand?
1) There are no changes in the taste and preferences of consumers
2) Income of consumers remains constant
3) Consumers are affected by demonstration effect
4) There are no changes in the price of substitute goods

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Q. When some goods productive factors are completely fixed in amount, regardless of price, the supply curve is -
1) horizontal
2) downward sloping to the right
3) vertical
4) upward sloping to the right

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Q. Innovation in marketing is same as -
1) Motivation
2) Inspirarion
3) Aspiration
4) Creatvity

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Q. Market segmentation is useful for -
1) targeting existing clients
2) identifying prospects
3) preferential marketing
4) All of these

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