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Q. Which of the following state­ments is not correct about the National Handloom Day?
1) The origin of National Hand­loom Day has its roots back in the Swadeshi Movement of 1905
2) The National Handloom Day was observed for the first time in the year 1950
3) National Handloom Day is observed on August 7
4) The theme of 2023's National Handloom Day was 'Handlooms for Sustainable Fashion'

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Q. Which of the following cities experienced "Zero Shadow Day" phenomenon on August 3, 2023?
1) Nagpur
2) Vishakhapatnam
3) Hyderabad
4) Kolhapur

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Q. Which of the following state­ments is incorrect about JALDOST?
1) Volunteers working in water scarce areas
2) An airboat that operates on water to remove excess aquatic weed and floating waste from water bodies
3) It has been developed by the National Aerospace Labora­tories (NAL)
4) It has a closed airtight pon­toon type hull to make it inherently unsinkable

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Q. What is Q-plane?
1) An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
2) A term used in trigonometry
3) A light combat aircraft
4) A surveillance boat

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Q. Prime Minister Narendra Modi was conferred with the Lokmanya Tilak National Award in Pune on August 1, 2023. Who among the following is/are the recipient of the honour?
I. Smt. Indira Gandhi
II. Atal Bihari Bajpayee
III. Dr. Manmohan Singh
IV. Pranab Mukherji

1) Only I, II and III
2) Only I, III and IV
3) Only l
4) All I, II, III and IV

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Q. Indian Space Research Organisa­tion (ISRO) launched its PSLV- C56 rocket carrying seven satel­lites of which country?
1) Singapore
2) UAE
3) Indonesia
4) France

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Q. The Cinemato­graph (Amendment) Bill, 2023 has proposed certain penalties for film piracy -
I. The Bill proposes a jail term of a minimum of three months and up to three years.
II. The Bill proposes a fine of up to 5% of a film's gross production cost but not less than 3 lakh.
Which of the above statements is/are correct?

1) Only I
2) Only II
3) Both I and II
4) Neither I nor II

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Q. The G20 Disaster Risk Reduction Working Group (DRRWG), accepted the relevant action points under certain priority areas. These are —
I. Global Coverage of Early Warning Systems.
II. Disaster and Climate Resi­lient Infrastructure.
III. Financing Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction.
IV. Disaster Response System, and
V. Ecosystem-based Approach to DRR.
How many action plans given above is/are correct?

1) Only 2
2) Only 3
3) Only 4
4) All the 5

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Q. Government of which state has decided to grant twelve months of maternity leave and one-month paternity leave to its employees?
1) Maharashtra
2) Rajasthan
3) Chhattisgarh
4) Sikkim

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Q. Consider the following factors about India's external sectors -
I. High infrastructure cost
II. Poor productivity
III. Friction in doing business
IV. Vexatious Laws
V. Poor governance
VI. Slow and expensive justice system
How many of the above are responsible for uncompetitive exports of India?

1) Only 3
2) Only 4
3) Only 5
4) All the 6

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