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Q. Basic scientific principle behind a nuclear reactor is -
1) Nuclear fusion
2) Controlled nuclear fusion
3) Uncontrolled nuclear fission
4) Controlled nuclear fission

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Q. On exposure to moist air, copper gains a green coat on its surface due to formation of which one of the following compounds?
1) Copper carbonate
2) Copper oxide
3) Copper sulphate
4) Copper nitrate

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Q. Which one of the following will not produce carbon dioxide on reacting with an aqueous solution of hydrochloric acid?
1) Limestone
2) Quick Lime
3) Challk
4) Marble

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Q. Which one of the following substances is not a mixture?
1) Ice
2) Ice-cream
3) Air
4) Honey

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Q. Marsh Gas is -
1) Methane
2) Ethane
3) Propane
4) Butane

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Q. The gases, responsible for the acid rain are -
1) SO2 and NO2
2) Ne and Argon
3) Ne and He
4) H2 and He

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Q. Which of the process is known as nitrification?
1) Reaction of Nitrogen Monoxide with oxygen to form nitric acid
2) Reaction of nitrogen dioxide with water to form nitric acid
3) Conversion of ammonia to nitrites
4) Conversion of nitrite to nitric oxide

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Q. The laughing gas is -
1) hydrogen peroxide
2) nitrous oxide
3) carbon monoxide
4) sulphur dioxide

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Q. The atomic theory of matter was first proposed by -
1) John Dalton
2) Rutherford
3) J.J. Thomson
4) Niels Bohr

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Q. Which one of the following minerals contains mostly silica?
1) Mica
2) Quartz
3) Olivine
4) Pyroxene

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