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Q. How many orbiting electron does the germanium atom have?
1) 4
2) 41
3) 14
4) 32

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Q. Intrinsic semiconductor material is charaterized by a valence shell of how many electrons ?
1) 1
2) 6
3) 2
4) 4

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Q. The diffused impurities with how many valence electrons are called donor atoms?
1) 4
2) 3
3) 0
4) 5

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Q. Zinc is used to protect iron from corrosion because zinc is -
1) more electropositive than iron
2) cheaper than iron
3) a bluish white metal
4) a good conductor of heat and electricity

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Q. Which one of the following gases is placed second in respect of abundance in the Earth's atmosphere?
1) Oxygen
2) Hydrogen
3) Nitrogen
4) Carbon dioxide

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Q. Which one among the following chemicals is used as washing soda?
1) Calcium carbonate
2) Calcium bicarbonate
3) Sodium carbonate
4) Sodium bicarbonate

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Q. Which one of the following is a chemical change?
1) Cutting of hair
2) Graying of hair naturally
3) Swelling of resin in water
4) Cutting of fruit

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Q. Why is potassium permanganate used for purifying drinking water ?
1) It kills germs
2) It dissolves the impurities
3) It is a reducing agent
4) It is an oxidizing agent

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Q. Electron emission from a metallic surface by application of light is known as-
1) Thermionic emission
2) Photoelectric emission
3) High field emission
4) Auto-electronic emission

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Q. Urea is-
1) A nitrogen containing organic compound
2) A nitrogen containing inorganic compound
3) A plant hormone
4) An Endergonic compound

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