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GK General Knowledge - Chemistry Question Answer Quiz

Q. Blue litmus paper turns ......... on contact with an acidic solution.
1) red
2) brown
3) green
4) yellow

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Q. Rutherford's alpha particle scattering experiment an thin gold foil was responsible for the discovery of -
1) electron
2) proton
3) atomic nucleus
4) neutron

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Q. Consider the following statement :
Atomic number of an element is a more fundamental property than its atomic mass. Who among the following scientists has made the above statement?

1) Dmitri Mendeleev
2) Henry Moseley
3) J.J. Thomson
4) Ernest Rutherford

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Q. Employing Chromatography, one cannot separate -
1) radio-isotopes
2) colours from a dye
3) pigments from a natural colour
4) drugs from blood

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Q. In graphite, each carbon atom is bonded to three other carbon atoms -
1) forming a three-dimensional structure
2) in the same plane giving a hexagonal array
3) in the same plane giving a square array
4) in the same plane giving a pentagonal array

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Q. Which one of the following is monatomic?
1) Hydrogen
2) Sulphur
3) Phosphorus
4) Helium

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Q. In tragedies caused by drinking spurious liquor, the active agent causing such tragedies is -
1) Methyl alcohol
2) Ethyl alcohol
3) Amy alcohol
4) Benzyl alcohol

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Q. A high molecular weight compound formed by combining large numbers of small molecules of low molecular weight is called -
1) Polymer
2) Alkali
3) Acid
4) Direct Dyes

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Q. Which gas plays main role in the Green House effect?
1) H2
2) N2
3) CO2
4) SO2

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Q. Which gas was released when Bhopal gas tragedy occurred?
1) Methyl Cyanide
2) Methyl Iso Cyanide
3) Methyl Nitrate
4) Nitrogen Cyanide

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