General Knowledge: Objective English Questions Answer GK Quiz

Objective English Question Answer 2024, Objective English Quiz Questions 2024

Q. Fill in the blanks with the correct option.
I must write ____________ letters, so I need ____________ paper.

1) any, some
2) some, some
3) none, some
4) every, either

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Q. Change the following sentence from interrogative to assertive -
When can their glory fade?

1) Their glory can never fade
2) Fade will never their glory
3) No, the glory will never fade
4) The glory to fade is not possible

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Q. Change the following sentence from active to passive -
They use video for teaching the students.

1) Video is used for teaching the students
2) The students have been watch video for teaching
3) Video is shown to students for teaching
4) The students use video to learn

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Q. Fill in the blank with the correct form of the tense -
How long ____________ learning English?

1) had you
2) have you been
3) has you be
4) has you been

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Q. Select the most appropriate ANTONYM of the given word.

1) Uprising
2) Loyalty
3) Sedition
4) Allotment

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Q. Select the most appropriate word segment for the italic word in the given sentence.
Pintu has been advised to reduce smoking by his family doctor.

1) cut down
2) less down
3) lower down
4) up down

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Q. Select the most appropriate collocating word to fill in the blank.
Ram was praised for his _____________________ leadership.

1) imaginary
2) visionary
3) magical
4) broad

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Q. Select the most appropriate option that can substitute the italic segment in the given sentence
He was looking into his book for the last two hours but couldn't find it.

1) looking down on his book
2) looking above his book
3) looking for his book
4) looking after his book

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Q. Select the most appropriate meaning of the given idiom.
All eyes

1) Watching with anger
2) Watching eagerly
3) Watching with no interest
4) Not watching at all

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Q. Select the INCORRECTLY spelled word.
1) Finery
2) Hiest
3) Cringe
4) Defer

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