Reasoning Ability/ IO / Intellegent Test

Q. Select the option that is related to the fifth letter cluster in the same way as the second letter cluster is related to the first letter cluster and the fourth letter cluster is related to the third letter duster.


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Q. In a certain code language, 'CRUST' is written as '201921183', and 'BLAME' is written as '5131122'. How will 'PLASTIC' be written in that language?
1) 18204165138
2) 73110209325
3) 71642578102
4) 39201911216

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Q. Which of the following numbers will replace the question-mark (?) in the given series?
1331, 2197, ?, 6859

1) 4913
2) 5832
3) 4096
4) 3375

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Q. If the sum of three consecutive positive numbers is more than the middle number by 130, then a greater number among these is -
1) 64
2) 65
3) 66
4) 67

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Q. A and B are two alloys of copper and zinc prepared by mixing these metals in the ratio 7 : 3 and 7 : 5 respectively. If an equal amount of both alloys are melted together to form a third alloy C, then the ratio of copper and zinc in C is -
1) 49 :15
2) 35 : 21
3) 77 : 43
4) 63 : 37

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Q. If two groups are contain­ing 30 and 20 observations and having 50 and 60 as arithmetic means respectively, then the combined arithmetic mean of the two groups is -
1) 52
2) 54
3) 55
4) 56

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Q. A is the son of B while B and C are the sisters to one another. D is the mother of C. If E is the son of D, which one of the following statements is correct?
1) C is the grandmother of A
2) E is the maternal uncle of A
3) D is aunt of A
4) B is aunt of E

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Q. Choose the odd one out term among the following series -
275, 396, 385, 891, 932

1) 275
2) 396
3) 385
4) 932

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Q. Which of the following options will replace the question mark?


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Q. Which one set of letter when sequentially placed at the gaps in the given letter series shall complete it?

1) a b c b b
2) b b b c c
3) b a a b b
4) a b c c a

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