Saraswati Samman

The Saraswati Samman is an annual award for outstanding prose or poetry literary works in any Indian language listed in Schedule VIII of the Constitution of India. It is named after an Indian goddess of learning and is considered to be among the highest literary awards in India. The award consists of Rs 10 lakh, a citation and a plaque. The Saraswati Samman was instituted in 1991 by the K. K. Birla Foundation. Candidates are selected from literary works published in the previous ten years by a panel that included scholars and former award winners.

Winner''s of Saraswati Samman

2013Govind MishraFor his book Dhool Paudho Par published in 2008
2012Sugathakumari For the collection of her poems, titled ''Manalezhuthu''
2011A.A. ManavalanFor Irama Kathaiyum Iramayakalum
2010S. L. BhyrappaFor Mandra
2009Surjit PaatarFor Lafzan Di Dargah
2008Lakshmi Nandan BoraFor his novel Kayakalpa
2007Naiyer MasudFor his collection of short stories Taoos Chaman Ki Myna (The Myna from Peacock Garden) written in Urdu
2006Jagannath Prasad DasFor his collection of poems Parikrama in Oriya
2005K. Ayyappa PanickerFor his collection of poems Ayyappa Panikarude Kritikal in Malayalam
2004Sunil GangopadhyayFor his novel Pratham Alo in Bengali
2003Govind Chandra PandeFor his collection of 163 Sanskrit poems entitled Bhagirathi
2002Mahesh ElkunchwarFor his play Yugant in Marathi
2001Dalip Kaur TiwanaFor her novel Katha Kaho Urvashi in Punjabi
2000Manoj DasFor his novel Amruta Phala (The Nectar Fruit) in Oriya
1999Indira ParthasarathyFor her play Ramanujar in Tamil
1998Shankha GhoshFor his anthology Gandharba Kabita Guccha in Bengali
1997Manubhai PancholiFor his book Kurukshetra in Gujarati
1996Shamsur Rahman FaruqiFor She`r-e Shor-Angez in Urdu
1995Balamani AmmaFor poetry collection Nivedyam in Malayalam
1994Harbhajan SinghFor his book of poetry Rukh Te Rishi in Punjabi
1993Vijay TendulkarFor his play Kanyadaan in Marathi
1992Ramakant RathFor his poetry Sri Radha in Oriya
1991Harivanshrai BachchanFor his autobiography in four volumes in Hindi

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