Matangini Hazra

Matangini Hazra was a freedom fighter and a legendary figure in the Indian independence movement. Born on October 19, 1870, in Tamluk, West Bengal, she was a fearless woman who dedicated her life to the cause of freedom and justice. She was a woman of unwavering determination and courage, and her contribution to the Indian independence movement will always be remembered.

Matangini Hazra was married at a young age and had several children, but she was never satisfied with her life as a homemaker. She was inspired by the freedom struggle led by Mahatma Gandhi and joined the Indian National Congress. She quickly rose to prominence within the organization and became an important leader in her own right. She was a great orator and was known for her powerful speeches that inspired the masses to join the freedom struggle.

Her most famous act of bravery took place on September 29, 1942, during the Quit India Movement. Hazra was leading a peaceful march of around 2,000 people in Tamluk when the British police opened fire on the marchers. Despite being shot several times, Hazra continued to march forward, holding the national flag high. Her act of bravery inspired many others to join the struggle, and her sacrifice became a symbol of the Indian people's determination to achieve freedom.

Hazra's legacy continues to inspire people even today, and she is remembered as a symbol of courage, bravery, and selflessness. Her life serves as a reminder that women have always been an important part of the freedom struggle, and that their contributions should never be forgotten. She is a true hero of the Indian independence movement and will always be remembered as one of the greatest freedom fighters in Indian history.

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