Indian State And Union Territory - Dadra And Nagar Haveli And Daman And Diu

Governor/Administrator: Shri Praful Patel (Administrator)
Area: 112 sq. km sq. km
Capital: Silvassa
Population: 242911
Male Population: 150100
Female Population: 92811
Total Literacy(%): 87.07
Male Literacy(%): 91.48
Female Literacy(%): 79.59
Sex Ratio: 618
No of District: 2
Principal Languages: Gujarati
Other Languages: Gujarati
Daman and Diu

Daman and Diu along with Goa was a colony held by the Portuguese even after Independence. In 1961, it was made an integral part of India. After Goa was conferred with statehood, on 30 May 1987, Daman and Diu was made a separate Union Territory. Daman lies about 193 km away from Mumbai. It is bounded on the east by Gujarat, on the west by the Arabian Sea, on the north by the Kolak river and on the south by Kalai river. The neighbouring district of Daman is Valsad in Gujarat. Diu is an island connected by two bridges. The neighbouring district of Diu is Junagadh of Gujarat.

Agriculture and Irrigation

Total irrigated area is 393.93 ha. and un-irrigated area is 3304.73 hectare as per the Agricultural Census 2000-01. In 2000-01 the net area under cultivation was 3375.65 ha. Important field and garden crops are paddy, ragi, bajra, jowar, groundnut, pulses and beans, wheat, banana, sapota, mango, chickoo, coconut and sugarcane. There are no major forests in the territory.

Industry and Power

There are 2930 small-scale and medium-scale industries in Daman and Diu. Two industrial areas have been developed by Omnibus Industrial Development Corporation at Daman. The other industrial areas are Dabhel, Bhimpore, Kachigam and Kadaiya.

All villages have been electrified. Daman and Diu have got adequate power allocation from Central sector power stations in western region.


Roads: The total length of roads in Daman and Diu are 191 km and 78 km respectively.
Railways: There is no railway link with Daman and Diu. The Nearest railway station from Daman is Vapi on western railway on Mumbai-Delhi route. The nearest railway station from Diu is Delvada on metre-gauge.

Aviation : There are airports both in Daman and Diu. Diu is connected by air and there is regular air service from Mumbai to Diu.

Tourist Centres

Important tourist places in Daman are as under : Bom Jesus Church, Our Lady of Sea Church; Our Lady of Remedios Church; Forts of Moti Daman and Nani Daman; Jampore and Devka Beaches; Public Garden at Nani Daman and Moti Daman Jetty, Pargola Garden, Moti Daman; Amusement Park, Devka; Damanganga Tourist Complex, Kachigam; Satya Sagar Udyan; Mirasol Garden; Mirasol Water Park.

In Diu, St. Paul's Church; Diu Fort and Panikota Fort; Nagoa and Chakratirth and Children's park at Ghoghla and Summer House.

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