Antrix Corporation

Antrix Corporation is a space company established by the Indian Space Research Organization(ISRO) as its commercial arm. Antrix markets space products and services to global customers, based on an impressive array of achievements and developments over past four decades in Indian space programme.

Antrix is committed to configuring a cost-effective, advanced and reliable solution for every space programme related need. Antrix makes sure that the integration of deliverables with the space programme is smooth. Close working relationship with various centers specializing in specific space activity ensures satisfactory resolution of technical issues and delivering on schedules. And that makes Antrix one source you can count on to capitalize on the benefits only space can provide.

Antrix optimizes the space systems keeping in view the specific customer objectives. Best practices built over many successful projects and multi-disciplinary expertise enables identifying and integrating appropriate technologies and mitigating risk factors. The sustained commitment of the government, industry and academic institutions make Antrix a long-term partner organisations can trust.

In short, Antrix plays a pivotal role in delivering space systems and services that meet the expectations of leading global organizations.

Having access to specialized design, test and manufacturing facilities in ISRO staffed by experienced scientists and engineers with in depth knowledge of the crucial parameters of the space industry, Antrix focuses on enhancing functionality and value to the customer.

Antrix offers satellite systems and sub-systems with proven performance in space and incorporating advanced features of power & reliability and long life.

The earth observation data services powered by a state of the art constellation of Indian remote sensing satellites (IRS) and a network of ground stations provide a valuable and assured resource for business to our customers worldwide.

Antrix facilitates the utilization of Indian Space assets in the field of telecommunications & broadcasting for a variety of services including TV feed, DTH, VSAT, mobile communications and socially relevant services such as Telemedicine and Teleeducation.

A track record of successful space launches in a variety of earth orbits through India’s PSLV and GSLV launch vehicles has made Antrix a compelling choice for many customers.

Antrix counts on the unmatched knowledge and experience of handling a wide range of space missions by Indian space programme to ensure effective mission support.

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