Mountain Ranges Of The World

 NameLocationHighest Point
1. Cordillera de Los AndesWestern S America Aconcagua
2. RockiesWestern N America Mount Albert
3. Himalaya-Karakoram-HindukushSouth Central Asia Mount Everest
4.Great Dividing RangeEastern Australia Mount Kosciusko
5.Trans-Antarctica MountainsAntarcticaMount Vinson Massif
6.Tien ShanSouth Central AsiaPike Poveda
7.AltaiCentral AsiaGora Velukha
8. UralCentral RussiaGora Noradnaya
9.KamchatkaEastern RussiaKluchevskaya Sopka
10.AtlasNorth West AfricaJewel Taubcal
11.VerkhoyanskEastern RussiaGora mas Khaya
12.Western GhatsWestern IndiaAnaimudi
13.ZagrosIranZad Kuh
14 ElburzIranDemaband
15.Scandinavian RangeWestern NorwayGaldhopijen
16. DrackensbergSouth East AfricaDwanayentalenyana
17.CaucasusRussiaMount Elbrus (Western Peak)
18. Alaska RangeAlaska JJSAMount Mackinley (southern Peak)
19.Cascade RangeUSA-CanadaMount Rainier
20.AppenineItaliCorno Grande
21. AppalachianEastern USA-CanadaMount Michel
22. AlpsCentral EuropeMount Blanc

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