National Sports Federations In India

The National Sports Development Code of India (NSDCI) 2011 has been operational since 2011 and is applicable on National Sports Federations. NSDCI provides for guidelines for granting government recognition to National Sports Federations (NSFs) as also procedure for suspension/derecognition of such NSFs which violates the provisions of NSDCI. Recognition is renewed on yearly basis and in the event of failure to adhere to NSDCI, recognition is not renewed. As the provisions of the NSDCI are not applicable on State level bodies, the Ministry does not deal with them.

List of Recognised National Sports Fedrations in India

  • All India Chess Federation
  • All India Football Federation
  • All India Sports Council of the Deaf
  • All India Tennis Association
  • Amateur Baseball Federation of India
  • Amateur Kabaddi Federation of India
  • Amateur Soft Tennis Federation of India
  • Athletic Federation of India
  • Atya Patya Federation of India
  • Badminton Association of India
  • Ball Badminton Federation of India
  • Basketball Federation of India
  • Boxing Federation of India
  • Bridge Federation of India
  • Cycle Polo Association of India
  • Cycling Federation of India
  • Equestrian Federation of India
  • Fencing Association of India
  • Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India
  • Handball Federation of India
  • Hockey India
  • Indian Body Builders Federation
  • Indian Kayaking & Canoeing Association
  • Indian Pencak Silat Federation
  • Indian Rugby Football Union
  • Judo Federation of India
  • Karate Association of India
  • Kho-Kho Federation of India
  • Kudo International Federation India
  • Mallakhamb Federation of India
  • Netball Federation of India
  • Indian Polo Association
  • Roll Ball Federation of India
  • Roller Skating Federation of India
  • Rowing Federation of India
  • School Games Federation of India
  • Sepaktakraw Federation of India
  • Shootingball Federation of India
  • Softball Association of India
  • Special Olympic Bharat
  • Squash Racket Federation of India
  • Swimming Federation of India
  • Table Tennis Federation of India
  • Tennikoit Federation of India
  • Tennis Ball Cricket Federation of India
  • Ten-Pin Bowling Federation of India
  • Billiards and Snooker Federation of India
  • National Rifle Association of India
  • Indian Triathlon Federation
  • Tug-of-War Federation of India
  • Volleyball Federation of India
  • Indian Weightlifting Federation
  • Wrestling Federation of India
  • Wushu Association of India
  • Yachting Association of India

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