Commonwealth Game Venues And Number Of Participating Countries

S. NoVenueYearNo of Countries
1Hamilton, Canada193011
2London, United Kingdom193416
3Sydney, Australia193815
4Auckland, New Zealand195012
5Vancouver, Canada195424
6Cardiff, United Kingdom195835
7Perth, Australia196235
8Jamaica, West Indies196634
9Edinburgh, United Kingdom197042
10Christchurch, New Zealand197438
11Edmonton, Canada197848
12Brisbane, Australia198247
13Edinburgh, United Kingdom198626
14Auckland, New Zealand199055
15Victoria, Canada199464
16Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia199870
17Manchchester, United Kingdom200272
18Melbourne, Australia200671
19New Delhi, India201071
20Glasgow, Scotland201471
21Gold Coast, Australia201871

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Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)

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Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI)

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