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Mathematician Yves Meyer has been awarded the Abel Prize for 2017

The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters has awarded the Abel Prize for 2017 to mathematician Yves Meyer of the Ecole normale superieure Paris-Saclay, France, for his “pivotal role in the development of mathematical theory of wavelets.” The theory of wavelets that he started and made fundamental contributions to finds wide-ranging applications from image processing to fluid dynamics.

Employment News

14 Rapid Ord Unit C/o 56 APO, Pin-909014 invites applications for Tradesmen Mate 18 posts (UR-14, SC-02, OBC-02) Fireman 01 post (OBC) Refer website or Employment News dated 11-17 March 2017...

Career Scope in Print Media

Print media are lightweight, portable, disposable publications printed on paper and circulated as physical copies in forms we call books, newspapers, magazines and newsletters. They hold informative and entertaining content that is of general or special interest. They are published either once or daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, bimonthly or quarterly.

Print Media is the oldest form of media. But even today it is growing from strength to strength. Around 4000 small, medium and large newspapers and magazines across the county are registered with the Registrar of Newspapers every year. This indicates that it is a growing sector where employment opportunities are increasing with each passing day.

Most of the young aspirants who want to enter the print media prefer reporting, but newspapers and magazines also seek young talent as photographers, artists, editors, computer experts, librarians, and cartoonists. Students who have writing ability, graphics or photo skills, curiosity and determination and who are well prepared by education and training have less difficulty in finding a good opening in the print media. The well known areas to work are: Editing, Reporting,Freelancing, Writing Columns, Writing Comments, Drawing Cartoons, Working as an Artist, Photojournalism etc.

Eligibility Criteria For Enrolling Into Print Media

To opt Print Media as a career one may attain a bachelor's degree or a post-graduate degree or diploma in journalism or mass communication. One can opt for Courses in journalism in English, Hindi or any other regional languages. Specialized courses in selected fields like page composition, layout designing and photo journalism are also offered. Apart from the professional degrees, other skills required are a good command over the language, good general knowledge and the ability to collect information and report events quickly.

These day’s most of the Indian universities offer both under-graduate and post-graduate programs in journalism. Graduates of any stream are eligible to opt for a post-graduate degree or diploma program in journalism.

Some of the well known institutes offering journalism courses are Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi, Mass Communication Research Centre (MCRC) of Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, Asian College of Journalism, Chennai, Bharatiya Vidhya Bhavan units at Mumbai, Delhi, Manipal Institute of Communication, Manipal, Times of India School of Journalism, Mumbai, Pioneer Media School, New Delhi, The Manorama School of Communication, Kottayam, St. Xavier’s Institute of Communication, Mumbai, Simbiosis International University, Pune etc.

Beside this, there are certain traits which a budding journalism graduate needs to know while opting journalism as a career. A good journalist should have ? a keen interest in people related issues, an inquisitive nature, ability to meet deadlines and outstanding communication skills. Basically if you are not interested in what people have to say, their emotions and their achievements, you simply cannot function as a journalist.

Nature of the Job

A journalist can work in various capacities in print media. The print has several sub categories like newspaper, magazines and news agencies, and also internet based news portals like  Indiatimes.com, Rediff.com, Sifi.com, Tehelka.com etc.

In a newspaper house, fresh journalism graduates usually join as trainees at the news desk or the editing desk. After a couple of years, they get transferred to reporting. However, exceptions to this rule are common and some people join straightaway as trainee reporter also.

The hierarchy for reporters in most of the newspaper houses is roughly as follows - trainee, staff reporter correspondent, principal reporter/ senior reporter/ correspondent, chief reporter and special representative/ correspondent.

Working for a news agency is slightly different because of the tougher deadlines - not at the end of the day but right now. The ABC of news agency reporting seeks accuracy, brevity and clarity. The format of writing is very straight forward and to the point and does not allow any scope for speculation or analysis within the news story. Agencies like Press Trust of India (PTI) and United News of India (UNI) are 24 hours open and their offices are not closed even on Republic or Independence Day or on big festivals, which are holidays for the newspapers.

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The winners of Ramon Magsaysay Award 2016

The Ramon Magsaysay Award, Asia’s premier prize and highest honor, celebrates greatness of spirit and transformative leadership in Asia. In the past five decades, the award has been bestowed on over three hundred outstanding men, women and organizations whose selfless service has offered their societies, Asia, and the world successful solutions to some of the most intractable problems of human development. The winners of Ramon Magsaysay Award 2016 Conchita Carpio-Morales (Philippines): The board of trustees recognizes her moral courage and commitment to justice in taking head-on one of the most intractable problems in the Philippines; promoting by her example of incorruptibility, diligence, vision and leadership, the highest ethical standards in public service. Bezwada Wilson(India): The board of trustees recognizes his moral energy and prodigious skill in leading a grassroots movement to eradicate the degrading servitude of manual scavenging in India, reclaiming for the dalits the hum ...

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Where is world largest solar telescope developed?

India's remotely controlled terrestrial solar telescope, which will be the largest of its kind in the world will be operational by 2013. A high-resolution two-metre class solar telescope be placed soon to help scientists study the sun. The solar telescope will developed by the Indian Institute of Astrophysics in Banglore in collaboration with the Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics Pune and the Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences, Nainital. The remotely controlled terrestrial solar-telescope, which will have a 2-metre diameter aperture, is the biggest and the initial cost of developing the telescope will be about Rs.150 crore. The institute is evaluating the Indian Astronomical Observatory in Hanle (Ladakh), Leh (Ladakh) and Devasthal (near Nainital) as possible location for housing the telescope. A team of about 30 to 40 scientists are working for the Development of the project. The telescope has to be located in a place where the ...

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Human Genome

The human genome is the genome of Homo sapiens, which is stored on 23 chromosome pairs. Twenty-two of these are autosomal chromosome pairs, while the remaining pair is sex-determining. The haploid human genome occupies a total of just over 3 billion DNA base pairs. The haploid human genome contains ca. 23,000 protein-coding genes, far fewer than had been expected before its sequencing. In fact, only about 1.5% of the genome codes for proteins, while the rest consists of non-coding RNA genes, regulatory sequences, introns, and (controversially named) "junk" DNA The Human Genome Project (HGP) produced a reference sequence of the euchromatic human genome, which is used worldwide in biomedical sciences. Genes Surprisingly, the number of human genes seems to be less than a factor of two greater than that of many much simpler organisms, such as the roundworm and the fruit fly. However, human cells make extensive use of alternative splicing to produce several different proteins from a single ...

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Career Scope in Advertising Industry

Advertising world has led to the emergence of many new roles within the advertising profession. In the new edge of ad world, advertising goes beyond its conventional approach. For the non-conventional and conventional advertising approach, Industry requires well groomed people who can develop innovative and creative new idea. Flexibility and competence is must for the industry as the Ad World is highly creative as well as dynamic. Advertising careers are diverse and can run across a variety of departments, offering positions in the fields of creative departments, production, media, and research. The ultimate goal is to meet the client’s goals of increasing sales as much as possible. Public relations services are often involved with businesses, governments, and institutions and can help them make effective decisions. Students of an advertising school may choose to pursue a career as a: Advertising Media PlannerMedia ResearcherCreative DepartmentCopywriter/IllustratorAccount PlanningPr ...

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